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Technical courses

Online courses for growing your technical skills

Courses, that give you new opportunities to work in the European Union

Our courses are online, you do not need to come anywhere, order the required course, get materials and an examination test. You can sign up for the course via the Internet by submitting an application for our email.

The training program includes everything necessary for theoretical knowledge of equipment and work with it.

Practical training you can organize yourself in the territory of your country, the company where you work or worked.

Certificate and a plastic card (in the case of certificates for a loader or other lifting equipment), we will send you to the address you provided within two weeks

After the test, we will send you a certificate by e-mail.

Offer to employers:ordering 2 and more certificates discount from 20%

Additional courses

The retraining and advanced training program was developed in accordance with European standards of educational programs of ISCO


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The classification of technical education programs is based on the list of curriculum groups listed in the Annex to this Regulation, based on the International Classification of Education and Training (ISCED-F 2013).