Personnel Rent

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Rent of personnel

Keev Group OÜ mediates trained personnel for metalworks and constructions areas of activity. Ordering personnel from Keev Group means
that employees are at disposal of the contracting authority, as usual, but on Keev Group payroll.Also Keev group
is are skilled subcontractor for welders/fitters works with 12 years experience in welding at the ship yards(ship building,ship repair)mashine building,constructions,
energy stations/pump stations
in Tig 141 welding,Mig/Mag 135-136,111 welding,311 welding process and
processing materials is are steinless steel, aluminium,black steel,CrMo,bronze,copper,by the Mig/Mag also flux cored wire using.
Drawings reading and assembly in current positions.

Renting personnel facilitates the company’s activities in several ways:

• There is no need to carry out time-consuming, multi-stage personnel search
• Employees can be ordered as required and only for the job required
• Reducing the workload during urgent periods and finding of substitute employees is smooth and flexible even on
short notice
• No time-consuming wage calculations. Keev Group OÜ submits an invoice only for the used working hours. Hourly
wages include all the mandatory employer contributions (wages, holiday pays, social and unemployment insurance

Thanks to thorough preparatory work, we are able to find quickly the most suitable employee from our card index.
At best, they arrive at the workplace within a couple of days after receiving the order.

We always try to serve our contracting authorities as well as employees the best possible way, because satisfied
personnel does also work well. If a contracting authority is not satisfied with our employees, we will resolve the
problem as soon as we become aware of it.

Recruitment service

For our database, we carry out job interviews with various motivated employees annually and explore their
background. Therefore, we are familiar with attitudes and strengths of those employees. Most of the employees
are – in addition to rental work – ready to work permanently in one place as well, making it easy to find new
employees through us.

If a contracting authority wants to test an employee prior to permanent employment, we can rent the employee
during a term. In this case, the employee has employment relationship with Keev Group during the agreed period.
If necessary, we can organise a public competition. In this case, we formulate- together with the customer – job
description of the required employee and company profile, then we prepare necessary announcements. We arrange the
entire selection process from start to finish, thanks to which the customer does not have to spend his/her time on
voluminous phone inquiries, reviewing applications and initial inteviews. After initial selection, we offer the
most suitable applicants to the customer.